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1501 N Stephan

Kingman AZ 86401

Neighborhood Info
1501 N Stephan
Kingman, AZ 86401
MLS#: 931473
3 Bed 2 Bath
Text "1544846" to 79564
  • Nearest Gym 5 Miles
  • Nearest Airport 5 Miles
  • Nearest Hospital 5 Miles
  • Nearest Gas Station 5 Miles
  • Nearest School 5 Miles
About the Property

Extremely well kept spacious home 800' off the end of the pavement yet with that rural feeling of wide open spaces and privacy! 3 Bd Home Open Plan 12 Acres Horses OK Kingman AZ! The property is quite usable and very pretty with a mix of Juniper trees, cactus, yucca, mesquite and a dry creek bed bisecting the south edge of the property. Lots of wild animals like quail, javelina etc. can...

What's nearby in 20 miles:
20+ Gym 20+ Airport 20+ Hospital
20+ Gas Station 20+ School 20+ Fire Station
20+ Night Life 20+ Bank 20+ Post Office
Listed By Elise Harron Residential Dirt Road Real Estate AZ
Kingman AZ 86401
Cell: 623 229-4130 Office: 928 715-8341
Sponsor Traci Ranic Home of the Loan Arrangers! Frontier Financial of Arizona 1191 N Old Chisholm Trail Ste B,
Dewey AZ 86327
Prescott: 928-202-4270 Arizona: 602-635-2399